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In this critical phase, they kindly ask us to provide yarns for the realization of essential medical tools. Although our production was not among the authorized ones, we are responding to the request, having the customer activated the procedure for entering the supply in the production chain of those necessary for him.

Aware of the emergency state and willing to provide our support to the common effort, we have decided to provide this possibility to all the companies that find themselves in the same situation.

Consult us, if it is within our possibilities, we will find together the solution to your production needs.

Monvania SrL
Technical yarn division

Production chain for goods needed for emergencies


Monvania, with his lines Filcomo and Techvania is not part of the companies with the governative permission of staying productive.

The commercial support operations, the development of the strategies for the present and for the future, as well as the communication are fully active since they are implemented via smart working techniques.
However, we are aware that the moment is critique, but every company must do its best in order to operate actively endorsing a common defensive strategy.

For this reason we are available for the companies which operate in all the sectors which are considered essential. This means that if one of our products or services proves necessary for their production, we are willing to supply it. Obviously following the stated and appropriate procedures and with the permission of the competent authorities.

Activities which we are supporting


That is maybe the most critical sector. We are all informed about the difficulties we have to face. Just look specifically at the case of the antivirus mask fundamental in order to prevent the possible contamination. However also other materials for medical use must be considered, for example, gowns for doctors and similar. (in DPCM 22.03.20 - points D e F)


Twisted synthetic yarns for medical products


1. The company that needs a yarn for an essential production draws up the order. Monvania communicates to the Prefect the continuation of production and the name of the company, or of the client companies (identified with the ATECO code admitted to the continuation of the activities or inserted in the chain of admitted company).

2. Afterwards the prefect will do its controls if necessary

3. Different types of yarn

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