Experience and technology

Since 1970 our investments have been aimed at the technological improvement and the diversification of our production.

In 50 years’ experience, we have gained a high-level competence in the textile finishing processes.

Nowadays our main processes include:

- Two-for-one twisting
- Crepe-texturizing
- Covering
- Doubling
- Cabling

We use a wide range of polyesters and polyamides of various types and species (HT, bacteriostatic, flame-retardant, low and high melting), polypropylenes, glass fiber yarns, recycled fiber yarn and aramide for various applications in transport, construction, agriculture, protective clothing, medical sector and furniture.

We can boast a well-established experience in yarns intended for cut-resistant gloves, sports and medical socks, flame-retardant workwear, filtration and technical sewing threads.